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#1 ISTEP Scores

Delaware County Public Schools 2011 & 2012

Grade "A" School Corp. for 2011, 2012 & 2013

Rated by the Indiana Department of Education

An Exemplary School for 2010

Rated by the Indiana Department of Education  


Wes-Del Community Schools were originally formed in 1964 by the consolidation of Harrison and Washington Townships .  The original name of the school district was Harrison-Washington Community Schools Corporation. The name of the of the school corporation was officially changed in 2004 to Wes-Del Community Schools.   In 1966, Wes-Del High School was opened and in 1974 Wes-Del Middle School was constructed.  Elementary school students attend Wes-Del Elementary School.   The school district is located in the northwest corner of Delaware County and is contiguous to the City of Muncie on the southeast.  The school community has aspects of suburban, small town, and rural lifestyles.  Although farm ground is abundant, many residents work in Muncie, Anderson, Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis, the proximity to Ball State University and Muncie enhance many and varied cultural activities that are available.

 The school corporation covers a total of 77 square miles.  All students are provided transportation with a school bus fleet that has the most up-to date equipment available.  The buses are leased on a yearly basis to provide for the ultimate safety of students.

The school corporation is governed by five (5) elected board of school trustee members.  Board members are elected for a period of four-year term and are staggered to allow continuity.  Stability has been a key to the success of the school corporation.  Typical board members length of tenure usually last at least two terms and several board members have remained on the board for twelve years or longer.  Since the the inception of the school corporation, there have been only three superintendents.

Many educational opportunities exist for students.  In technology, computers in each room are connected to the Internet; distance learning allows for two-way audio/video to other links; several computer labs in each building provide excellent opportunities for students to use technology. Educational excellence is well noted in the success of academic teams that begin at the elementary grades and continue through the secondary grades.  Students are also provided vocational education opportunities through the Muncie Area Career Center.

Michael A. Bush, Superintendent