Student Transfer Information

Requests can be submitted by parents, guardians, or custodians of Indiana students who do not reside in Wes-Del Community Schools boundaries but who wish to enroll their child in the school corporation.  Requests for enrollment will be considered under the following conditions:

1. A student requesting transfer shall complete the Application for Transfer of Non-Resident Student and submit it to the Wes-Del Community Schools Superintendent’s Office prior to April 30, 2018.  Transfers will be considered on a yearly basis.  Applications received after April 30, 2018 are not eligible for the random drawing, but will be considered in buildings and grade levels where capacity has not been reached.  

2. The parent, guardian, custodian, or student agrees to provide his/her own transportation to and from the school.   

3. Transfer Capacity for each grade level in each building as determined annually by the Board of School Trustees will be a consideration as to whether the student will be admitted or a random drawing will be necessary to determine who will be accepted. A random drawing will take place in a public meeting of the school board when the number of eligible transfer applicants exceeds the capacity of the grade level. When determining capacity space needed for resident students, current transfer students, siblings of such students, and employees’ children will be taken into consideration.   

4. When applicable, the parents, guardians, or custodians agree to pay the transfer tuition in a timely manner as established by the Superintendent.

Under no circumstances will a transfer student be accepted for athletic reasons.